Thursday, October 19, 2017


Needed to be longer.
So, was the last episode the start of something new for the show? Nope. In fairness I get how leaving this as a cliffhanger might generate interest, but after seeing the show dabble with a double length episode marketed as a single episode, this just felt incomplete. It's not bad just to be clear, I just found myself saying "that's it?" As the episode closed, a feeling I've been familiar with in the past for this show.

Continuing with Amethyst's disappointment, she still is acting less joyful than ever, full of angst and sorrow, which Steven can't help but notice. To cheer her up, Steven takes Amethyst to visit Peridot and Lapis at the barn. Things have changed since we last saw them, as the barn now seems more lively, filled with meepmorp created by the two (meepmorp is art). The stuff at the barn is cute, easily the best stuff in the episode, but it eventually leads to Peridot trying to cheer Amethyst up by taking her to Jasper's "pathetic" Beta Kindergarten. According to Peridot, Jasper is inferior to Amethyst, because she was created in a worse landscape, which she then quickly realizes is not entirely correct as they find a huge Gem's birth spot. Our episode closes with the three coming across Jasper, who is imprisoning corrupted Gems. 

My big issue with the episode, is that it clearly should continue on, as whatever will happen next time, feels too directly connected to the story to be split as it's own episode. I'll admit, I may be wrong there, but nothing about how this episode ends indicates that this shouldn't have been a double length episode. Something like the season premiere was fine split up, because the episodes had two different things going on, they just happen to go on around the same time, this doesn't seem like that. This episode is about making Amethyst feel proud again, which we don't see an actual resolution for here, it just cuts with the chance to redeem herself, which just disappoints. The last episode combined two episodes, because it helped tell a full story, why couldn't this? It wouldn't have hurt honestly.

This is an okay episode, but it could've been better as a complete story

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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