Friday, September 1, 2017


Well, that was utterly charming.
One thing I should make clear, I don't hate episodes that have little to do with the main story arc going, well at least in theory. If an episode is really good, and comes in at the right time, it will not bother me if it lacks a tangible connection to the main story going on. With that all being said, there can be some issues when the story arc's previous episode ends off in a big cliffhanger, reveal, etc. because then it just feels like the story is being ignored. Thankfully, the last episode was just preparing for the attack on the Cluster, without any significant plot developments, so it's fine to take a break for this episode, especially considering that the opening establishes this takes place as Steven was getting some rest at the barn after so much work.

If there's anything I can say right away about the episode, is that it is gorgeous to look at. From my understanding, the visuals in this episode were inspired by the oldest full length animated feature, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, which is definitely noticeable. There's a lot of silhouettes and simple shapes as we see the origin of Ruby and Sapphire, with the colors on them being entirely red and blue for the sequences before they fuse. It's beautiful stuff I just did not expect here.

It's also neat to see Garnet reveal she once feared Pearl, while being confused facing Rose, not understanding what she even was. It's a love story, in a world that could not yet comprehend their love for each other (get the metaphor?) which is what really makes this feel special. The montage as we see Ruby and Sapphire together, while not to the tune of one of the best songs, is a stand out sequence for the show, as just seeing the beauty of a same-sex relationship bloom is something we still don't see all that often in entertainment, it's beautiful.

Even the ending stands out so much, seeing Garnet become a Crystal Gem on accident, while Rose accepts her for what she is, is just charming to witness. Garnet realizing she is the answer to her questions, while explaining to Steven what that meant in the present, is just beautiful.

This is a beautiful episode to watch. I don't recommend it just for the fans, I suggest all parents show their kids this episode, the sooner kids understand that love of this kind is normal, the better. Without a doubt, this earns a spot among the best episodes this show has produced, no contest.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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