Saturday, September 16, 2017


So this might be the best thing Jessica Biel has ever done right?
Just to be clear the above joke is in no way meant to be an insult to Biel, I just think seeing her be game to play a twisted version of herself is hilarious.

Anyway, so, this episode takes a break from Hollyhock, so that BoJack can be present for Mr.Peanutbutter's charity event for his campaign. That event, or rather the devastating earthquake that occurs during the event, is the main focus of this episode, as we see everyone slowly go insane, as they find themselves stuck underground. From there, the story goes through how the main cast is dealing with the ordeal. Mr.Peanutbutter is pretty much himself throughout the situation (which lasts for days) he does however get pushed into a leadership role by Katrina, his campaign manager. The power dynamic is what fuels most of the plot, as Governor Woodchuck eventually gets trapped as he tried to rescue everyone, he tries to keep everyone in check, but Mr.Peanutbutter soon regains control,  which is then taken by a crazed Jessica Biel. There's a lot of funny gags to be found here, including Zach Braff, who is pathetically trying to get his ticket validated, as well as a man who orgasms by power dynamics being shifted. 

With the other characters, we see their own ways to getting through the situation. BoJack and Diane drink through the whole thing, rarely ever getting involved with the people in the party. This once again reminds us of the destructive nature these two have, but it's comforting as well, considering both talk about their own issues. They make a good team, not romantically of course, but the friendship allows for truth on both ends, which is toxic, because they are both toxic. Todd and Princess Carolyn on the other hand, they were both in the restrooms in the yard, so they find themselves going through a tunnel underneath, which leads to a colony of ants. These sequences are perhaps the weakest, but they offer some good ideas, humor-wise, so it's all good, just not memorable.

Eventually everything is fixed, except for the house, which has been damaged completely due to the earthquake caused by all the fracking. Everyone goes their own ways, with everyone confused by the events, glad to be done with that. It's a funny, odd way to close a funny, odd episode.

P.S. Zach Braff must be cool with seeing himself die.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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