Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fantastic Four-FIRST REVIEW OF 2015

The Fantastic Four just can't catch a break, which is proven once more with the movie I'm reviewing today. Being among the few who has seen it this early (which is saying a lot I suppose) this was a god-awful mess, would it kill the writers to just respect the source material, nothing works here and this is only more proof of Marvel deserving these heroes back, the films, as well as the world would be better that way.

I haven't seen a story this bad for a superhero movie in ages, its like the studio knew it was stupid but shoveled it out because they needed to hold on to the rights that much longer, well if they didn't try here what makes them think the audience will believe the next one will be worth it.

Not a single actor fit the role here, everyone was misacted, I especially hated the choice for the Human Torch, not only was he bad, he didn't even fit the look for the Human Torch, at all. Were they trying to piss off geeks? News flash studios, geeks are a good source for opinions on comic adaptations.

Then theres the effects, nothing looks real, so I guess the actors must've been paid most of the budget, cause it's clear that the effects were made with a budget of a few bucks, if you're gonna make a superhero movie at least pay the effects guys enough to make something good.

Thankfully Roger Corman's Fantastic Four was never released widely to the public so you softhearted  folks won't have to endure this torture unless you hunt for a leaked copy of it or whatever. Thanks for watching the first review in 2015 of this Fantastic least I'm hoping it is cause um then the title is just clickbait I guess.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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