Saturday, December 9, 2017


Steven, watch those tapes Ronaldo lent you already.
Continuing Steven's depression is not something I thought the show would ever actually do. Oh, sure the show has tackled feelings before, but seeing Steven devastated by his actions hurts to see, but in a good way. Up to this point, whenever the show featured a depressed Steven, things usually wound up okay by the next episode, or we wouldn't see the hurt emotions in Steven all that much, this time, we're seeing the show say out loud, that some things aren't so easy to get over. I like that the show is being mature about that, it's relatable and true to life, you can go on years without talking to a close friend over something stupid.

Picking up days after the last episode, we find out Steven is still waiting for Connie to text him back. Greg notices something is up with Steven, but Steven refuses to say much, instead looking at his phone, along with the wall of texts he's sent to Connie. As Steven is at home moping, Greg and the Gems decide to take Steven on a trip to the outdoors, hoping it'll cheer him up, it doesn't. Even outdoors, Steven refuses to do much, with everyone trying to get the information out of him as to why he mopes. It's assumed that Steven is bothered by what he saw in Homeworld, but Steven, after finally being pushed enough, reveals what's actually going on, after one last attempt to get a message from Connie, the episode closes with Steven, supported by his family, disappointed by the lack of messages.

Again it's truly appreciated to see a show aimed at kids tackle this kind of thing, especially seeing the ending just be another confirmation that things aren't forgotten just yet. It hurts to feel betrayed, especially by loved ones, so it's understandable to want some space. On the other side, the side we see, it is painful to be cut off by the friends we are close too, seeing that being handled without a quick happy resolution is great for a show like this.

Another home run for the season, I am impressed with what we've had so far and I look forward to more. Also, yeah, Ronaldo makes me laugh with every text.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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