Thursday, March 15, 2018


Oh look the first episode of the show not centered on romance, neat.

By the way, that’s not a joke, it feels weird that I never picked that up before, but here we are. So what is this episode about? Jay Sherman’s appeal (or lack thereof) is so bad that his boss Duke decides to make him more likeable within five days. Gimmicks and animal co-hosts fail to do the trick, but perhaps a mother can fix Jay... or he can mess that up on screen too.

As far as the plot goes, everything just feels too loosely connected, don’t get me wrong I understood how the story played out, but the flow wasn’t natural. By the time the plot actually feels like it’s going, the episode has only ten minutes left, which leaves so little time for the mother/son conflict. In fact, as the episode closed with Duke pleased in his achievements, I practically forgot that was the point, not the mother/son conflict. Personally if the episode had focused a little more on one subject over the other, or maybe split the stories into their own episodes, I probably would’ve enjoyed the whole thing more.

Where the episode does shine, is in the same place the show normally shines, the comedy. We get a lot of funny gags all throughout, enough to ignore how pleasantly they depict Geraldo Rivera (As long as I’ve remembered he’s been an ass), which I’ll admit also felt a little weird. My personal favorite joke involves the adoption story of Jay, though a close second is probably the now awkward Hitler joke in the episode (Jay, you should probably ask your boss why he’s got a group of future Trump supporters watching you). By no means a favorite of mines, but the comedy provides more than a few highlights for the show.

As I continue revisiting this show I’m not only reminded of why I love it, but also how ahead of it’s time it can be. In an age where everyone with a YouTube account can be a critic, as well as an age where your reputation can be ruined and fixed within days, Jay probably deserves a comeback show more than most other characters of the 90’s... just remember to be nice to your mother.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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