Wednesday, March 28, 2018


In fairness this was an incredibly cute episode.
Once more I find myself confused, is there really no danger out in space? Why aren’t we focusing on seeing Lars survive? Well fortunately this episode is actually good, I just wish it came after Lars returning to Earth, as is now, it just feels off.

As the show revealed that Garnet had future vision a major question arises, why is she been unable to predict a lot since then? That is the topic of this episode, Garnet, afraid of the unexpected tries to become random, starting with her working for the Big Donut. From there she lets Steven take the reigns on what happens, resulting in pizza, posing for Vidalia (leading to one of my favorite lines, “paint me like one of your Amethysts”) and a small rescue. It’s cute and leads to a minor realization for Garnet so it’s not a useless episode, it’s just not right to have it in the middle of an ongoing story.

I honestly don’t want to be harsh on this episode, it’s cute and I like seeing Garnet try to adjust to Steven’s growth, it’s just annoying to see the show ignore priorities. I appreciate story arcs being more common in shows now, I appreciate this show’s plot lines, I just wish the show understood how to handle that and actually stayed consistent. It’s a charming show, this is a charming episode, presented the way it is here though, it’s confusing and disruptive.

Alright one more episode before another break it looks like, let’s see if the show can end big for now, or disappoint...

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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