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Alright, a new Smash game has been announced, so time for some suggestions. This time I wanna focus on characters who have had no franchise representation on the series yet, so keep that in mind as we go through the list. Also keep in mind I have not played every game out there, so if you’re wondering why Undertale isn’t on this list, it’s cause I’ve never played that game. One last thing before we start, I chose not to put Arms reps here because that is incredibly obvious as a choice, also I was not a big fan, so it just feels wrong for me to suggest a fighter I don’t care for, even if I expect them. In any case here’s my list.

Never played any of the Professor Layton games? You are definitely missing out. While those games are puzzle based, with Layton himself never fully playable, I imagine the team could easily design a unique fighting style for our Professor. He’s an odd choice, but this is Super Smash Bros. We are talking about, weird comes with the territory. With no new games featuring him coming out soon, I do imagine that may cost him a spot, but he has a loving presence in the handheld scene (specifically in the DS family) so it’d be nice to bring him back as a fighter.

Everyone assumed he’d be in the last one after the fan poll, I’m thinking this time he’ll finally come to Smash. Shovel Knight is perhaps the most beloved indie game these days and it’s easy to see why, unique, fun and nostalgic, it’s amazing how long it’s remained relevant. Shovel Knight would likely feel like a swordsman, but I imagine his shovel would make him stand out more from the rest in the series. A definite must if added in is the female version as an alternate costume, after all it’s great to see more female representation, speaking of which...

I’ll admit I havent finished any of her games yet, but Shantae would be a fun addition based on what I have played. I’m sure Nintendo is aware of her cult following, so for them this would definitely be a way to get more of the indie scene hooked on Smash Bros. Another unique fighter (should probably stop saying that, these choices are meant to be), a strong female character at that, also I’d imagine Bayonetta might enjoy a dance-off with a half-genie.

Another indie woman? Why not? Steamworld Dig is a pretty great game, I’ve yet to play the sequel but I hear it’s also great. So why not Rusty? Well, I imagine he might be an alternate costume for starters, beyond that, Dorothy leading the sequel (plus more female representation) sounds like a good enough reason to make her the first character you see from her franchise.

Okay, I’m cheating here, yes Tingle is a Zelda character, but given how Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Wario count as their own things, as well as the spin-offs featuring Tingle, why can’t he be considered his own franchise? He’d be his own type of weird, a fun choice for longtime fans and perhaps the biggest troll character to feature in the series to date. Besides, if Melee brought the Fire Emblem series to the West, then maybe we’ll finally get Tingle’s games in the U.S. after this.

Nintendo vs Sega is a dream we’ve got to live, so why not Nintendo vs. Sony? While the one time mascot might’ve missed out on appearing in Playstation’s own fighter game, Crash would be a welcomed addition to Smash, especially now that his revival is bringing his remastered game to the Nintendo Switch. While he’s not a particular favorite of mine, I can’t deny he’d be a fantastic addition for fans wanting to live out a console war, speaking of console wars...

Every N64 fan has likely heard of this duo, the bear and bird, Banjo-Kazooie. The one time Nintendo characters have since moved to Microsoft where they’ve only had re-releases and an underrated third installment for their franchise, which makes their addition feel all the more personal. Microsoft has admitted they’re cool with the idea, it’s been said they were considered at one point for the original Smash, so why not? Sure they’re role seems to be covered by the Duck Hunt character, but I still feel they’d make for a very special fighter in the game. Besides, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all fighting in one game? Sounds like a kids dream come true. Long live the console wars.

Ubisoft seems to be cool with the idea, RAYMAN was a trophy last time, so consider this one to be a likely candidate. Rayman has starred in some well beloved platformers as of late, with Legends (arguably) being the best non-Nintendo based platformer in recent years. Adding to that, the Rabbids recently crossed over with Mario and his friends, so maybe we’ll see them factor into Rayman’s moveset, either way I can’t think of anyone who would object to this inclusion. A platformer legend, for a fighting game of legendary characters.

Never heard of him, well let me remind you of the time Nintendo was comfortable with TV shows, Captain N was about a kid named Kevin being sucked into a videogame world, it featured official game characters, who for some reason looked like knock-offs. As you can imagine, it wasn’t good, but I’d be lying if I said there’d be no charm to Kevin’s inclusion, after all each game in this franchise so far has had a character who is a bizarre addition, forgotten, possibly not well liked, all sums up this choice perfectly. His attacks could be based on old peripherals (the Gameboy was a character in his show!) and he’d be reuniting with Pit, Mega Man (I’m assuming he’ll be back), and maybe even Simon Belmont (I didn’t put him on this list because Konami likely won’t allow him to appear, then again who knows). I’d love to see Kevin be this game’s WTF inclusion for the series, but he wouldn’t be the only non-videogame character I’d hope to see.

Admit it, you’d love to see this lovable Disney character in the game. While a definite long shot, Ralph appearing doesn’t sound too far-fetched to me, his previous console games (awful admittedly) were Nintendo exclusive, he’s a homage to classic Nintendo characters (mainly Donkey Kong), there’s a new movie coming out and apparently Mario will appear in it, so his inclusion sounds plausible. Adding to all this, considering his new movie (Ralph Breaks The Internet), an announcement of Ralph joining Smash would definitely break the internet... I’ll go in the corner now. In any case, adding to a few previous suggestions, you’d get a Nintendo vs. Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Disney scenario here that sounds like a ton of fun. Super Smash Bros. Let Ralph wreck-it.

Well this has been fun, I’ll have to do this again soon, next time though, the characters I want to see join, from franchises already represented by Smash. See you then, also feel free to comment your thoughts on my list.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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