Wednesday, March 7, 2018


I honestly am curious enough to see someone attempt a sequel to The Red Balloon, can’t be worse than another Die Hard sequel.

Once more, this show focuses on love as a plot, which is fine so long as the way it’s handled is different, which it thankfully has been. This episode focuses not on Jay, but his son Marty, a child attending a school for children of all nations. After Jay attends a presentation for fathers in Marty’s class, he realizes Marty has a crush on a Cuban classmate, Jay urges his son to pursue the love. It’s a cute enough story, filled with a lot of great jokes including one of my favorite movie parodies featured on the show, this is charming.

Funny as it all is though, once more the show left me a bit uncomfortable early on, not enough to ruin the episode, but enough that I must explain. As mentioned before, the school Marty goes to is filled with children of all nations, while this isn’t necessarily bad, it’s a cute idea, the show does feature some stereotypical gags with these kids. In fairness, the show isn’t attempting to be offensive here, in fact most jokes here aren’t as racist as you might imagine, but the presentation is definitely not something you’d see in something more recent. Suffice to say, I know the people behind this aren’t being malicious regarding the portrayal of foreign children, but that doesn’t change the presentation from coming off a bit insulting.

Moving on from the school, I laughed hard several times throughout this episode. While a lot of the episode focuses on Marty’s love, it is nice that we get our fill of movie parody jokes, even nicer is that Marty’s Cuban love interest is allowed to be more than just a stereotype. A particularly funny joke, that feels funnier as Hollywood continues white-washing roles, involves a quick look at a Che biopic featuring Kangaroos. That’s where this show shines, calling out the B.S. that plagued Hollywood, which still seems to plague it, it’s a lot funnier than making the French kids cowards.

Despite the jokes that are of their time, the show still finds ways to be worth your time, especially if you’re a geek

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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