Thursday, March 8, 2018


Like it or not, we are getting a new Pokémon game on the Switch. While the common assumption is a new generation, I'd rather it go in a different direction. Here's a free suggestion before we get to the list, make this game have all the generations in one giant map, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola. You can conquer all regions, or just one, your choice. You can even start in any region you choose, which will determine which starter Pokémon you will be given. What determines where you start? Maybe before you start the game you are given the choice? Who knows, but let's move from there. Here's my suggestions. (By the way, feel free to support me on Patreon after you read this)


Part of the charm in a lot of RPG's is that you can make a team of heroes. Sure, technically that's why we have six Pokémon, but imagine if we travelled as a group of trainers like the show? This is what I propose, you can travel with some in-game friends (I'm not suggesting multiplayer just so I'm clear) to make the journey easier, or you can travel alone, making the game harder. Consider this, we have three heroes (much like the show) so you can technically roam with 18 Pokémon. Carrying that many at your disposal might make things easy, it's especially helpful if you desire structuring a Pokémon team with a specific theme. Choosing to deny going with one, or both trainer buddies, not only gives you less to work with, but now you've got rivals, essentially making the game harder, so we have an easy, medium and hard mode, depending on how many trainers you have on your team in game. Having this team adventure can even help by making areas filled with trainers less of a hassle, divide the team so each member can go off on their own battles, or if you feel more gutsy you’ll be tackling them all. The point being, while a team system wouldn’t be mandatory, it would shake the formula up in interesting ways.


I know a lot of people want an mmorpg game in the series, but I'd much rather we leave that out for now. An open world game though? Yes, that sounds like too much fun. Think about it, there's no way everyone in the Pokémon world follows the same route to the Pokémon league, why should you? Rather than being blocked by obstacles until you've completed a certain gym, the games should offer ways to go around blocked routes, maybe allow you to get items, or use Pokémon abilities, regardless of gym to progress, allowing you the freedom of adventuring wherever you desire. The only thing that might be an issue here is if the levels of gyms are fixed, but maybe the game can have Pokémon levels adjusted based on your progress, who knows, just make this a thing. We’ve seen Nintendo succeed with adding an open world to their franchises before, so why not here? It would be awesome!


Another must add, a new way to capture Pokémon. Wouldn't it be nice if you could catch Pokémon with kindness? Maybe it'd be a harder way to catch them by just baiting them, avoiding any damaging moves, but adding such a thing can introduce new training mechanics. Imagine, catching Pokémon through friendship could make for stronger bonds, as well as a quicker way to get them to like you, though doing such a thing should have its own issues, like maybe they'll be less combat ready this way? Or perhaps Pokémon caught by the friendship method become harder to trade as they’ll be more clingy to you? I’m not sure, but there should definitely be a new mechanic in capturing wild Pokémon.


It's been over 20 plus years, most RPG's of that time had more in their arsenal, let the Pokémon have more available moves in their arsenal. Give them categorized moves, or allow for combos during double battles, just add more to the fighting system already. Personally I’d like to see the games allow for  16 moves for each Pokémon, four for attack, four for defense, four for special attack and four for special defense. While I know these games are meant to be simple for children, I don’t see the addition of 12 move slots, being a bad idea, especially if categorized for strategy.


This could definitely be an in-game and online feature for longtime fans. Imagine it, setting up your own room filled with traps, with your in-game friends (if you chose to journey with them at the start of the game) and with your own theme. In-game you could probably have daily trainer fights, automated so you get an idea of how to be a gym leader, while online becomes the real challenge as you fight against actual players, the rewards are obviously cash, but the more you win, the higher your rank is, making your gym more desirable to face. This would be post-game of course, though that’s if you choose to do this...


Why have no Pokémon games allowed you to be the bad guy? To me, one of the moments that has always stuck with me from Gen 1 is on the bridge in Cerulean City, you fight a bunch of trainers, suddenly a Rocket goon offers you the chance to join them, but you can’t. How cool would it be if you could say yes to them? Eventually getting so strong that you become the leader? Obviously there’s repercussions, less people trust you, the cops are on you a lot, maybe gyms don’t like letting you in, or maybe the Pokémon League bans you all together, either way this would be a cool addition that would offer a great reason to replay the game if you want to.

Well, those are my suggestions, if you’ve got your own feel free to comment, if you like these choices, share this around, who knows, maybe it gets Nintendo on board with some ideas. Thanks for reading!

Written by Octaviano Macias

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