Tuesday, March 27, 2018


And with a pointless distraction of an episode, I’m reminded of one of the worst things about this show.
I want to love Steven Universe, I truly do, the characters are mostly interesting, the story arcs are interesting, so why must the show lag so much? I’ve said as much before, but it truly annoys me that after five seasons this show keeps making this mistake, introduce a plot, ignore it for an episode or two, sometimes more, then get back to it, at which point my interest has dwindled. I mean, I get it, breaks are welcomed, and some of the best shows aren’t reliant on story arcs, just random stories about the characters doing their own things, but Steven Universe wants to have it both ways, which creates more issues with the show. You want to craft a series of episodes building on one ongoing story, do that, you want to do random episodes relying on the charms of characters, do that, just not both, at least not at the same time. If this came after the current story going on (Lars trying to get back home) I’d be a little more forgiving, but as an episode in the middle? Why? It slows all momentum and ruins the tension, are we not supposed to care about Lars escaping with a ship that could run out of fuel, or be blown up at any point? I want to love you show, stop messing up so easily.

As for the episode itself? It’s dull. I like parts, I’ll admit that much, but so much of it feels like a “been there, done that” kind of episode. The faux documentary style video? Ronaldo had his fun with that ages ago. Sadie dealing with an overly enthusiastic mother? Again it’s happened; even the concert stuff feels stale, not helped by the songs being pretty weak in this episode (I’m struggling to remember the tunes being played). I might’ve been a bit more forgiving (a bit) if this were just a series of shorts during commercial breaks, but assembled as an episode in the middle of an arc? It is one of the show’s worst episodes.

I’m sorry, if you love this show, I get it, it has charm for sure, but it’s got to stop doing these kinds of episodes if it wants to be great, or at the least leave these episodes as filler between major arcs, not within them. I was tired of seeing this stuff pop up a single I went through the show, but now as I’ve caught up it’s even more annoying, I’m not demanding the show follow my tastes exactly, I’m just asking it not to lag on new episodes, especially if it’s gonna come back with a pointless story to the ongoing plot.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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