Thursday, March 8, 2018


You’re the absolute worst Illumination.

I know I’m in a minority here, but I actually think the Jim Carrey Grinch film was pretty decent all things considered. The costume and effects were all well made, a lot of energy and effort went into the odd performances, some of the updates were interesting, especially seeing the Whos being much more materialistic, giving the Grinch a point. It wasn’t perfect, some stuff could’ve been handled better (the materialistic aspect, while interesting isn’t without flaws in the story) but there was a genuine passion to update the material, this seems to be the opposite of that.

I don’t want to trash anyone who works for Illumination, I’m sure they’re all working hard to do a job, I just wish they’d see movies as more than just a job. So far Illumination has only produced one decent film, Despicable Me, the sequels, the spin-off and the rest have all been cynical trash, time is just not kind to these filmmakers. Their methods to keep their budgets down? Lazy and a detriment to making their worlds as big as they could be. Their attempts to make sure everyone buys a ticket? Shameful and generic. Their understanding of The Grinch?  Perhaps the most insulting thing I’ve seen this year.

I’m no purist, I get it, things have to change, this was never gonna be like the book, cartoon or live-action movie, but could they have tried to not make this the most generic take on the Grinch himself? We’re already off to a bad start when the Grinch’s home looks like it could be anyone’s, but fine that’s a style issue, which also goes into the designs of this film, possibly the least “Seuss” styled of the animated films so far. Where things went completely downhill for me, is the reveal that this Grinch walks among the Whos of Whoville as if he were a normal citizen. WHY?! The whole reason the Grinch is THE GRINCH is that he’s too mean for the citizens of Whoville, here he’s presented as the town grump, which makes me fear this will be a significantly less mean Grinch, which was already hinted at in the Olympics ad released for the film. Again, I get that this is going to be different in some form, all adaptations are different from their predecessors, but that they present the character as more of a grump than as a mischievous Grinc, I just feel anger.

I was never interested in this film, I hate most of Illumination’s films and this one already looks like it’s more awfulness. I acknowledge I could be wrong, I could be blowing more steam than necessary, but as of this moment, no trailer has made me more mad than this one has so far this year.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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