Friday, November 11, 2016


Before we start, I just want to say I'm deeply saddened by the news right now, I won't say which, just look at the date of this review, you should be able to figure out what I'm saddened by.Fuck.

Anyway, on to the review.

The 80's is home to a lot of weird shows based on toys, most weren't great, but their effect remains strong, reboots, remakes, you name it, many of these shows have stayed, one of those shows is Transformers. I find myself being a huge fan of the franchise, but I also find myself disliking a lot of the actual entertainment from the franchise, the movies have been very bad (except the animated feature from the 80's and the last film, though both are still passable at best), the shows can be hit or miss, and the games are hit or miss as well, yet I still love the franchise. Upfront, yes cars turning to robots, COOLEST IDEA EVER! A war between good and evil? AWESOME! But what beyond that keeps me as a proud fan? A few good characters in a sea of lame, forgettable bots? Nope, it's hard to say, but at this moment, the unity in it makes me more proud of it than anything. The Autobots, a team of warriors for justice, stopping Megatron, not just for their sake but humanity's sake as well? Even when humans have little to truly offer back? Those are the heroes we need these days. Transformers Devastation is the kind of hope I needed at this moment.

Made by PlatinumGames, Transformers Devastation is a hack and slash action game, one with tight controls, reminiscent of Bayonetta (made by the same studio). I haven't had so much fun destroying enemies in a game in quite a while, but going in as one of the Autobots (five to choose from!) during the campaign, switching from vehicle (or dinosaur) to robot as a fight ensues was pretty amazing and exhilarating. Even if it was repetitive, I could beat up Decepticons for hours, never getting bored of beating the bad guys. While I had some issues with the weapons, leveling, and overall technical side of the game, I still had a blast just playing through what felt like a classic episode of the original series.

This is a fairly simple story, but having so many of the original voice actors come back,along with the music being similar to classic Transformers tracks, make the game one of the more pleasant experiences in quite some time. I adored the animation, which captured the original show so well (also, it looks better than the show that introduced me to this franchise, Beast Wars) and just looks beautiful to witness, the colors really pop, and the locations, while not impressive, do compliment the cast well. I didn't play a Transformers game, I experienced a lost Transformers special, I felt like an Autobot, the same way the Arkham games made me feel like Batman

In summation, Transformers Devastation is a fun game, perfect for any longtime fan. I think there are areas where tweaking was needed, the story however fun, is relatively short, but the replay value is high, the charm is there, and non-fans may even love it too from a pure gameplay perspective. It's fairly cheap, but the price is worth it, if you haven't gotten around to this one, please give it a shot, it's a fun game, something we need for the coming days.

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Written By Octaviano Macias

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