Friday, November 18, 2016


Is there really any point to this remake? Besides making all the money for Disney I mean.

I'm not sure why we're getting a remake to Beauty & The Beast, aside from money of course. In Disney's recent years we've had plenty of remakes sure, but they've all had some angle, something to make sense of their existence regardless of quality. Alice was it's own story, Maleficent was taking the tale to a new perspective, Cinderella decided to add a modern approach to the lead to make her more progressive, and The Jungle Book was creating a more cohesive story, what is this movie doing? I'm sure it'll be fine, but without a real angle to work with, expect this one to become forgettable.

As for the look of it, it's fine for the most part. I can't imagine who decided to design the servants as objects with hard to recognize expressions, but they certainly are the weakest link visually, they look less like cute sidekicks and more like nightmares from a horror feature. Emma Watson looks like a decent Belle, the Beast here looks okay (am I the only one who feels like they just took voice clips from the original for him?), Gaston, probably should've been played by Channing Tatum and everything looks just okay. I feel that it's a problem that it all looks okay, largely because decency almost certainly dooms this to be a forgettable feature.

Disney has been on a roll this year, so who knows, maybe that leaks into 2017, maybe this will be a fun  movie, I honestly can't say. If it ends up being forgettable due to a lack of reason to exist, just remember I told you so.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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