Friday, November 11, 2016


Here's a request... Well, crap, why this one?

Look, at this point, I really don't care about this series, I don't, yes the original was trash, yes it earned a spot in my worst films of the year list, but to be mad about Fifty Shades at this point feels childish. Women like sex, this is erotic material, so what? Guys have their porn, we're ashamed of it, women are proud of theirs, so what? I don't find anything sexy in this series, but women do, that's them, I can dislike this, and I do just so we're clear, but to bitch about their tastes just feels selfish and dumb. "How dare you watch a porn that doesn't make me wanna jack off?" Dude, chill, I doubt your lady wants to masturbate to that video of that professional woman, being put in her place by a guy with a big dick, you can live with the fact that she watches this for her own lust. "It's just soft core porn!" Yes, very tame even for that, don't care, as I remember once being told, women tend to pleasure themselves on imagination, more so than guys, to find something sexy in this, I'll believe it, I respect it, it's fine, get over yourselves guys.

Now as for this trailer? Um, I'm not big on the song? I really have nothing to say honestly, I mean, I guess this one looks like a thriller, but so what? It's not going to be much of that, it's just another bad film waiting to happen, but we'll be okay guys, girls can have their entertainment, you aren't "gay" for allowing that, you're just a decent human being. I'm kinda confused by the mask stuff, I'm not sure if it's meant to be symbolism or tense, it's just there. Anna seems set to be more free, but I doubt it works that way, we have one more film to go after all. Ummmm, yeah, I expect this to not be good, it'll probably land on my worst of 2017 list, but I'll live, women can have their own porn.

So there's my thoughts, sorry if it's not what you expected....

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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