Saturday, May 9, 2015


So by now we've all heard Nintendo will be lending it's properties to Universal theme parks correct? Great, no need to explain this piece then, we want fun rides, and here's some ideas I think will make for fun attractions at the fame resort.

1.Mario Kart

Easy first choice, whether it's an actual race, a simulated one, or just bumper cars, you know this would be a fun attraction.Personally I think the simulated race would be the most fun to do, but I would not mind seeing an alternate approach to this game. Just the thought of being in a kart is exciting, but I'd be most impressed if they built the area around the Rainbow Road courses. Watch out for the banana peels and lets do this!

2.Star Fox

Another Easy choice, Disneyland has Star Tours, Universal could compete with Star Fox, the joy of riding an Arwing would be fun. If they did this, they'd probably put you in the middle of a fight with Star Wolf, but more likely than that would be doing a "barrel roll" at some point. This may be a choice with few options to go with, but it's one that has just the right options to use for an attraction.

3.Navi's Adventure

Here's one that'd be interesting to do, one that may redeem one of gamings most annoying sidekicks, a ride based upon Navi from Ocarina of Time, her flight as she searched for Link in the game's intro. Of course liberties should be taken, make her go through all of Hyrule and such before finding Link, simple but a good way to thrill. Plus if anything, we may finally see a Hyrule more stunning then a game could ever offer.

4.Kirby's Rainbow Coaster

How about one that's meant to be a roller coaster? Kirby has had two games that could perfectly inspire a roller coaster, even if it's geared more towards the young, I'd imagine a roller coaster would be a fun way to approach the pink puffball. I'd be on board even more if the end of the coaster is just Kirby staring at you, while you hear him say "HI!" I want it, your kid probably would too, so this should happen.

5.Pokemon Snap!

You didn't think I'd forget Pokemon did you? Well if they must I'd want it to be a unique take on the virtual shooter attractions (Toy Story Mania for example), make it a virtual photography ride, go through rooms in a vehicle, as you aim to take pictures of as many Pokemon as possible, get points, and as a bonus you can even purchase the pictures you take. Admittedly this may be a hard one to do, but I doubt it'd be impossible, technology has gone far, so I hope this gets made.

Have any you want to see? Any Questions about my ideas? Comment below and let me know!

Written By Octaviano Macias

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