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Videogame movie, something that just can't seem to catch a break, truth be told some could be great if given the right story, I've compiled a list of some games I'd love to see as films; while some of these could work as live-action films, I'd rather see them take an animated form. This isn't my definitive list, but just the ones that came to mind, I may revisit this list when I think of more, that being said, HERE WE GO!!!

As If you didn't see this coming
#1. Super Mario Bros.
Animation Type-The plumbers had one very horrible live action film, the solution, try animation, specifically 2D is what I want to see.
How To Do It- Story wise, this should be about Mario and Luigi as normal plumbers in the big city, living a peaceful life, unfortunately for the two, their plumbing business "Super Mario Bros." is failing, while putting out flyers for their business with a slogan suggesting they can handle any problem. A strange man comes to their door with a strange pet, both fully cloaked, the man offers large pay for some unspecified assistance, the bros. agree only to be transported to a different world the Mushroom Kingdom. The man and pet reveal themselves to be Toadsworth and Yoshi respectively, now the Mario Bros embark on a long quest to rescue the kingdom, using strange new abilities they get from the strange items of the world, they must find the Princess for a large amount of wealth once they decide to go back home.. or will they?

The idea is just cute alright?
#2. Pikmin
Animation Type- Looking at the character designs, it seems that it should definitely be something other than 2D, the best/cutest choice would be as a Stop Motion feature, it would provide for some interesting lighting choices.
How To Do It- Not much would need to be changed from the basic premise, but for those who need a general idea, Captain Olimar, a small man from the planet Hocotate, crash lands into a strange world during a vacation, with only 30 days of life support, Olimar must retrieve and rebuild everything in his ship to escape the land. As his journey begins he meets strange plant creatures known as Pikmin, using their assistance as well as leading them to survive in a dangerous world, Olimar must get out before he can no longer survive. This would be best as a near silent feature, letting the reactions of the characters tell us whats going on rather than spelling it all out for us.

This would be epic

#3. Chrono Trigger
Animation Type-2D, just 2D.

How To Do It- This would work best if a lot of risks were taken, make it epic, make it nearly three hours kinds of risks, but in any case, Chrono becomes a part of an epic quest that will take him across time and space, a large cast throughout the ages, epic battles, all to stop a horrible event in time, the destruction of a civilization by Lavos, more can be said, but the games plot is better experienced than told. Chrono was silent in the game, which will have to change in the film, communication would be a great thing to add in to create interesting dialogue, and considering this should work as an epic, dialogue will be needed.

R-Rating a must here
#4. Conker's Bad Fur Day
Animation Type-2D Seems preferable given the extremely cartoony aspect of the game.

How To Do It- A demented, alcohol driven , R- rated take of Alice in Wonderland would be a great way to approach this.Conker the Squirrel gets drunk one night and goes off the wrong way, as he looks for a way home he faces many insane adventures involving a Panther King who hates getting his milk spilled, a lot of weasels, cavemen, the mafia,  the military, and an opera singing monster made of  excrement almost others. The animation style this should be approached with is very much like Tex Avery crossed with "Hundred Acre Wood" styled backgrounds. Just remember this is not for the kids.

Adorable isn't he
#5. Little Big Planet
Animation Type- I think it'd be great to do it in stop motion to get the right textures on Sackboy, plus his cuteness just begs for it.
How To Do It- I'll be honest I can't remember much of the story of the game as the story wasn't the point, but the basics I do remember so here goes. The hero, Sackboy, or Sackgirl, or Sackperson if you will; must save the world's creativity when an evil collector is collecting various living beings and things for his own selfishness. This would be best to approached as a near silent film where the expressions give us all we need to know about the characters and the strangeness of the world.A lot of the characters should be sewn creations.

You thought Disney's Hercules was inaccurate...
#6. Kid Icarus
Animation Type- 2D would compliment the action well, to get the big scope across the world, 2D might be the most beautiful to see it through.
How To Do It- Pit, the titular Kid Icarus, must save the goddess Palutena from the evil Medusa, that pretty much sums up the story, I'd say approach it as an old school adventure movie crossed with Die Hard, in that the hero must work his way up to the Goddess' home to save the day. Be lighthearted, full of comedic wit, and use the voice actors introduced in Kid Icarus:Uprising, and this should come out fine. The animators should really focus on making Pit look weak from the get go to make his actions more heroic as it goes along. Limit the flying sequences, it'll make them even more beautiful when it comes.

Right Back At Ya
Animation Type-2D, the character looks best when drawn, plus the cutesy feel just feels right at home with the old school animation style.
How To Do It- Kirby is about to eat his favorite cake, suddenly it disappears and Kirby decides to start a big search for it, leading him all across his world of Dreamland, he will face the mysterious MetaKnight, the selfish but good natured King Dedede, and another evil entity, all to save his cake, or Dreamland if that works out too. Approach this as a Disney feature, specifically Winnie the Pooh which Kirby really does seem to feel right at home with at times. Kirby should be silent, but everyone else should be able to talk. This should take events and plot points from various Kirby games to make a full story. The main driving force for Kirby should be his stomach, it makes him innocent, while giving him a cute quirk, he's a hero not to save the day, but because it just happens to go along with with his snacks.

The old covers were weird.
#8. Mega Man
Animation Type-3D would be a great way to showcase how an HD Mega Man game would look like... Capcom needs to get back to this series.
How To Do It-When the evil Dr. Wily attacks, its up to a lone robot hero to save the day, Mega Man, with the ability to absorb powers of the other strange robots under Wily's command, Mega Man might just have a chance. Take notes from various classic robot based animes, have some inspirations from well known sci-fi films, and this should turn out fun. It'd be interesting if the robots were given their own kind of movement, something akin to the movement of the characters from the upcoming Peanuts movie, while the humans moved like typical CG characters.
Fastest Toon Alive
#9. Sonic The Hedgehog
Animation Type-2D, despite CG working well with the character, 2D better captures the look of speed, considering he's super fast this would be where the Blue Blur's talent would best shine.
How To Do It- Anyone familiar with the Sonic SatAM series should know where to go with the plot on this, but for those unaware, Sonic and a team of animals fight the evil Dr.Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman) from deforesting their world of Mobius. To bring this world to life, the people behind this should consider bringing both characters from the games and the show together to fully outfit the story. Sonic might work best over the course of multiple films, but it'd be wise to make them standalone despite that, maybe in the first movie Sonic takes down Robotnik, and then the sequel deals with another entity, stuff like that. Overall Sonic might have the most to work with in this list considering the ongoing comics, and the four shows that have been made.
Can't Let You Do That...
#10. Star Fox
Animation Type- CG,  given the designs, the scope and everything, to me this would probably look its best in CG, though an ending or open credits scene using puppets (in honor of the creators love for puppet shows like Thunderbirds) would be very welcomed.
How To Do It- Fox McCloud, leader of Star Fox, A group of bounty hunters are called upon to stop a great threat, Andross, a mad scientist bent on destroying worlds. Along the way the galaxy gets in turmoil with Andross'  army, including the rivaling  group Star Wolf. MAKE. THIS. EPIC. Star Fox should play as an animated Star Wars, taking advantage of the flight sequences would be a huge must, of course there should still be some personal scenes outside the cockpit, but the main events should take place within the space battles in the Arwings. A lot should be revealed through actions rather then through dialogue.

That pretty much sums up my list, Agree, Disagree? Comment below, let me know which others you'd like to see as animated movies.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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