Monday, August 1, 2016


I don't make it a secret, I love the MCU, it's also no secret that I hate both Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman (ESPECIALLY that one), so am I just a Marvel fanboy? Do I hate everything DC?

Batman and Superman are perhaps the first superheroes I ever encountered, by all means I should have them be my favorite heroes, yet they're not. I was familiar with the Super Friends and Justice League the animated series in my childhood, yet it's Marvel I'm more knowledgeable in, why? Sure I saw the cartoons on the X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, the Fantastic Four and a few others I'm probably forgetting about, BUT, I didn't really like most of those in fact I often went to DC as my source of comicbook superhero cartoons. Batman was once my favorite hero, now I'm not sure he makes my top ten, and honestly I think that's because DC doesn't love their characters, at least not as much as they should.

I'm not here saying DC sucks, they don't, they have wonderful stories, great animated shows and a few good movies, but DC isn't as great as they should be in a lot of areas, I think their weakness is highlighted by their movies. I'm not gonna detail why the movies suck, that's really for another post, but yes, I think their movies wouldn't be as bad if they showed more care to their characters. Sure, The Dark Knight Returns is a good story, but if you do a loose adaptation where Superman acts like Batman, only more aggressive and less willing to help, yes you are part of why I've grown to love Marvel more, because even in a shitty film like Fantastic Four, I feel like the people behind the film have a semblance of care for the characters.

I'm not even saying Marvel is perfect, they're not, most of their shows suck, while their comics can be hit or miss, especially when they're trying to be like the movies, but even in some of their worst works I never feel, or at least almost never feel like the people making the stories hate the characters;a feeling I commonly get at DC whenever they try turning their characters into serious, Batman-like characters. As of this point, I fear Superman Returns may be the last DC movie to feature a Superman that was made with love, that is incredibly sad. 

Not to sound like an annoying fanboy, but Captain America was treated with respect by Marvel, which is why his films kept succeeding with bigger numbers after each film, DC seems to be having a worse time with the release of each film. I hope this trend ends (come on Suicide Squad, I'm counting on you!), I hope DC learns the key ingredient to success is embracing and loving the characters they have, but until then I love Marvel movies more, and prefer Marvel over DC.

P.S. Okay, so in all honesty I couldn't think of much to do this week in honor of Suicide Squad (please be as good as you look), and since I'm pretty busy I quickly wrote up this piece, which is more like a bunch of tiny posts I've thought of, but don't really seem to fit in other posts I've thought about writing. I apologize if it's not up to my usual standard, but I feel like sometimes you need to put out your weaker work so you can get the bad out of your system, thank you for understanding.

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Written By Octaviano Macias

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