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Just give it the award for Best Animated Feature, don't need to see the rest, this one knocked it out of the park.

Let's get this out of the way first, yes, there has been other adult animated features, yes, other countries have done them more often, but America doesn't commonly do them, so this feels that much more important/special for that reason. I feel a lot of people are diminishing the possible impact this movie may have, just because they aren't fans of Seth Rogen, which I understand, not everyone likes the same things, but it is a bit annoying to see people try to diminish the impact something is trying to accomplish, just because the way they're trying to do so isn't to their liking. Sausage Party is by no means the first of its kind, but it's the first adult, animated film trying to make adult animation big for a mainstream audience in quite some time, that's admirable, because if we wait for the "perfect" one to get things going, we'll never get adult animation as a regular thing.

With all that out of the way, yes, what you've heard is true, Sausage Party is a masterpiece in what it sets out to do, which is spoof Pixar, satirize religion, critique atheism and just be an incredibly hilarious raunch-fest. The amount of twists and turns this movie takes are all reminiscent of Pixar (on the surface the movie is about inanimate objects, under the surface we have something for adults to relate to), sure, it's funny to see food being horrified by humans, but it's even funnier when we realize they're religious food trying to please "the Gods".  Where the story goes by the end is worth not spoiling, much like some of the best animated films, or films in general, where the movie ends is not what you'd expect in the opening, this goes in the directions you'd think no one would be brave enough to risk taking, and it pays off. To top it all off, Sausage Party takes full advantage of the R-rating, trust me, years from now people will look back at this movie's sex scene (as if you didn't expect that) as one of the most legendary, fucked up scenes in movie history, it's hilarious.

So after all that I'm sure you're wondering what this movie is about, after all how much can you mine out of food? Well, Frank (Seth Rogen) is a hot dog who is ready to go to the Great Beyond, a place he questions due to a lack of proof, along with him is his girlfriend, Brenda (Kristen Wiig), a hot dog bun. After an incident leaves Frank and Brenda at the supermarket, they embark on a quest to return home along with Sammy Bagel Jr. (Edward Norton) and Lavash (David Krumholtz), while Frank tries to find the answers about the "Great Beyond".

Like I said before, this spoofs Pixar, it even comes with a minor shout out where we see a bumper sticker for "Dixar". As far as spoofs go, this is easily the best one in such a long time, it just makes me want to scream at the current crop of spoof films, if this can mock Pixar this well, why can't a Twilight spoof be any good? No excuses, we all deserve better. Something that also strengthens this movie, is that it does lampoon other animation tropes, musical number? Alan Menken is on hand providing the opening song, which is very Disney-esque; bad guy who is just a one-dimensional jerk? A literal Douche is the villain here. There's a lot of fun here, even within the offensive humor (which there are a lot here) I found so much that just worked.

I've mentioned before that I've read the script, and trust me, the movie is far superior, it's sharper, smoother and a whole lot funnier. Possibly the biggest improvement Sausage Party makes from that leaked script, is Douche,(Nick Kroll) who played as a minor, mostly unnecessary character in the original script, but here feels funnier and more organic to the story. Outside of the jokes, some scenes are rearranged to provide a better flow, which is a major plus if you disliked that script (granted I loved that version as well), trust me this movie is better than that.

There you have it, do you want to watch an offensive cartoon? This movie is for you, whether it's jokes about Nazi Sauerkraut wanting to exterminate the "Juice" or fruit being gay cause they're fruity, this movie is offensively hilarious, but it's also smart. There will not be a funnier movie this year, this is smarter than it had any right to be, and Sausage Party not only deserves your money, it deserves all the awards it probably won't get.

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Written By Octaviano Macias

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