Friday, April 9, 2021

Swamp Thing-DC Movie Mania



A man becomes a strange swamp creature. Some try to harness those powers, while he just tries to help the innocent


No one remembers this movie, I certainly would’ve skipped it if I wasn’t looking at my list. As a movie it’s very different from most comic book movies, but make no mistake, by the end you get some pretty typical comic book action, and in terms of films in general, it’s like watching a generic low budget monster movie.


I gotta be honest,I was mostly bored throughout this one, which is a shame as I had heard some things about it that seemed nice. If you’ve seen one sci-fi monster film, there’s a chance you already know what to expect in Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing. It really is that basic and predictable,  nothing is all that shocking, aside from the costumes, which are at best serviceable,  at worst.. cheap even for the time. I was almost ready to label this a complete step backwards for DC, it’s not, but it almost gets that title.While it takes it’s sweet time to get there once the Swamp Thing appears, the movie does get a bit better as we see some decent monster kills as it goes along. Looking at the movie, I’m hardly surprised this isn’t as remembered as other DC features, it’s got a different tone compared to what came before and after, which could’ve been a blessing, but was sadly just ideas that never get fully delivered. 

At best I’d describe Swamp Thing as a neutered exploitation movie, at worst... well at worst it’s a horror movie that wishes it was a low budget exploitation movie. It really is a slow start, I was constantly getting distracted before the transformation because I just didn’t care for the cast, or story, not helped by the predictability mentioned before. Once our lead becomes the Swamp Thing though? Well it’s actually not much better but at least there’s some schlock fun to be had. It feels a bit repetitive, as it’s the bad guys chasing the lead actress, Swamp Thing kicking their ass, then repeat, but it’s at least cheesy fun though. By the final act we see it change up, only in the sense that the bad guy becomes a monster, but despite the interesting body horror effects, he gets the cheapest costume and he just chases our leads again. I will admit the low budget monster fight is charming in a way, but once that’s done the movie pretty much ends and I just couldn’t muster enough care for another go.

In Summation:

I wish this was a better movie, trust me, it’s an interesting character in the comics and he’s suitable for the horror genre. Sadly, while the movie does have a horror tone, it plays everything so safe that it ends up feeling no different than your typical Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. Swamp Thing is one of the more forgettable DC movies and after seeing it, it’s not surprising why that is. I know some like this movie, but for me, even as a schlocky “so bad it’s good” movie it just fails to get my interest, let’s get back to Superman. 

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