Thursday, June 16, 2016


What happens when Tiki's take a stand?

Backstory time! So this strip introduces the main antagonist of the series, Mr. Tiki, a tiki brought to life by dark magic. What are his motives? World conquest quite obviously. How does Mr. Tiki want to achieve this? Top secret for now, but Mjolnir is very important to that goal. I hope you continue reading to find out.

So this strip is illustrated once more by Maria Palacios, whose cool art can be found over here and here, so yeah check that out while you're here.

Prior to the completion of this I wanted to cancel this comic, as well as once again take a long vacation from posting here, why? Well because I'm not sure if anyone actually reads my work, add that to the depression I rarely like admitting and you get a recipe for a lack of motivation here. I know that's a bit pathetic to admit, but it's true,  I'll get depressed about random things and take a break. I'm continuing this comic obviously, but if you're wondering why, it's largely because I managed to get out of my rut, and because I'm still alive. After our most recent mass shooting (okay one of them sadly), specifically the Orlando Pulse shooting, I wanted to get back, granted the idea was to do a faux news bit with these characters (and future reoccurring ones) reacting to mass shootings, but that felt ill-mannered for such a horrific event, so I'll leave it up to you the reader if you want to see me tackle that subject, voice your opinions here, or at least let me know what else you'd like for this series to do going forward, trust me it helps.

In any case, if you want to see more of these at a faster rate, consider donating to my Patreon, every cent helps pay artists to come and work with me on this, as well as give me more time to work on more projects you'll enjoy. Thank you for reading.

Illustration By Maria Adilene Palacios

Written By Octaviano Macias

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