Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hello welcome to a new segment I call "That One Scene" wherein I talk about what I consider to be the best (or worst) scenes from movies, good or bad, because sometimes even a single scene deserves your attention. Today's Scene-
*Specific Scene Ends At Around 1:21

Wow, how epic was that right? I remember watching Ted all those years ago; laughing so hard I was actually feeling some pain on my sides largely due to this single scene. Whenever I think about meeting a celebrity or just someone I consider to be a big deal, this is the scene that comes to mind, in fact, every convention I've been to since reminds me of this scene, I always feel like Mark Wahlberg witnessing my hero right in front of me.

I think everyone can relate to this scene, even if you've never met a celebrity, there's no denying we'd all be this star-struck if we ever met them. I think what really makes this scene just a perfect comedic moment was the choice of laying the Flash Gordon theme over it, I mean sure it was funny enough actually seeing Flash himself on screen, but the song? It absolutely killed me on the first viewing. As someone who was not really expecting this scene, while also being a fan of Flash Gordon; I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, in fact I still can't, it's one of the most amazing, perfect pieces of nostalgic references in any piece of entertainment.

Three years after and this clip really does bring good memories, I'm not sure if the sequel will manage to top it, but I really don't care, this scene is a major reason why I loved Ted. This week sees the release of Ted 2, will it be as good as the original? I'm not sure, but it certainly looks funny, before you decide to watch it though, watch the original again, perhaps my review will go up as you finish.

Give me any opinions, thoughts, or suggestions for "That One Scene" you love.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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