Friday, June 19, 2015


So I finally got to see Inside Out again, if you recall I saw a test screening version well now it's out so here's what's changed. Oh, and SPOILERS!

Honestly, barely anything changed, I'm not only amazed, but glad, I was almost certain that there would be more differences, but nope it's the same, mostly. What's changed is mainly the animation details, maybe I hadn't noticed on the first viewing, but it seems like the lighting and details on the characters in the mind seems much more vibrant. The music also seemed more present this time around, it's not one of Michael Giacchino's best works, but it's good, it's fun, just not memorable. Beyond those aesthetic differences, the only other detail that has changed since my first viewing comes in a nightmare Riley has early on,  we see a zombie rat, whose voice is now high pitch, but on the test screening it was deeper and sounded a bit like Remy from Ratatouille. I'm not sure if Pixar intended the nightmare to reference Remy, but given the change I wouldn't be surprised if many made the same connection and parents in test screenings complained enough to alter it.

My biggest surprise was Bing Bong's fate being kept, no lie I feared that would change, given how easily parents could've complain about a family film showcasing a sacrifice, however heroic, I expected it to be cut. I'm thankful the film retained all the emotional beats because they help make the film succeed, any other studio could've just as easily dumbed it down. A near perfect film remains near perfect, I have faith in audiences again... until the next bad film succeeds at the box office.

OH! One more thing!
As with any Pixar film we get a short, this time we got the musical short Lava, about a volcano named Uku singing for what pines most, someone to lava, er, love. It's beautiful, not just the animation but how effective the music and emotion work here, touching, sweet and almost tragic, much like Up's opening this hits the right beats on love fairly quick.

I must admit though, when it comes to Pixar I prefer their silent shorts, nothing against this, but I just find the silent ones to be charming, this sadly ends up being more in the middle of their work. Lava may not be on of my favorites, but it's a nice treat to watch in front of Inside Out.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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