Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Okay let me get this out of the way, I honestly don't care about this game, like at all, I'm not a Final Fantasy fan, nor do I really think a remake will live up to expectations, that being said, if you want this, buy it. I'm not stopping anyone from enjoying it, nor do I think this game will bomb, in fact sales will be at high (which isn't saying much when you realize this generation really hasn't made great sales) but the truth is, the fact that this seems to be the game that wowed most people more then anything else this E3 says a lot, unfortunately very little of it is good.

I may be a bigger Nintendo fan than anything else in gaming, but let me get one thing straight, aside from considering their event this year a disappointment, I would still feel the idea of an HD remake of Mario 64 or Ocarina Of Time a disappointing thing to be wowed by more then anything new. If you can't see how a remake exciting you more then something new is bad for this industry, well I hope you don't complain when the big game a few years from now is Modern Warfare HD on the PS5. I really hope you think about how disappointing this is, I mean I'm not even asking for something original, like a new IP, just something that can muster up some joy from something I didn't see coming that I haven't played, like if Half-Life 3 were the big exciting game, yeah less bad. My point is, when a bunch of games you've never played are presented at E3, yet the big "OhMiGod, FTW,BEST GAEM EVUR!" game is one you played nearly two decades ago, yeah all that says is that gaming has gotten in such a rut, that we feel amazed by stuff we experienced before getting announced as if we never did, if that's not a bad sign I don't know what is. To make my point clear, imagine if Disney announced a slew of new releases next year, a Marvel film based on a new hero, a sequel that is meant to reinvigorate an old franchise, an original film and the re-release of the original Star Wars, if the one that gets you most excited is the last one, will not only does that say the studio is failing to get you into something new, but it says it's time you start criticizing the studio for falling back to just releasing the classics to hide that they got nothing exciting to offer.

Sadly the blame must also be given to the consumer as well, we're no better then the studio for just accepting the recycling of classics, sorry but just saying it's okay because it's a good game isn't enough, we deserve better. If the story had been Final Fantasy 25 was the most exciting thing presented, despite how surprised I'd be that it was, I'd at least be more accepting, yes it's a nostalgic property but it at least would be something you've never experienced, whether it's just the story that's new, or the gameplay, it's something you never experienced.

On a final note, I'm not telling anyone to be amazed by the things I'm amazed by, nor am I saying you shouldn't buy/enjoy this game, but I want to give you awareness of the current route of this generation. So far this generation has been largely filled with HD remakes, the new sequels don't seem to catch on with audiences, while Nintendo just continues being Nintendo, sometimes stale, sometimes new and amazing, but overall nostalgic. We deserve an industry that acknowledges we want more then HD remakes, sure it's nice to get nostalgic thrills, but wouldn't it be great if next year the most exciting news was a game you never played, a game you weren't expecting, and not just Chrono Trigger HD.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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