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Synopsis-The foul mouthed teddy bear is back, this time he must fight the government for his right to be considered a person.

Most comedy sequels just don't work, the common problem being that comedies are often written as one off stories, which isn't to say that there are no comedy sequels that are good (Anchorman 2 and 22 Jump Street are great) they're just far and few between. Ted 2 is neither as wonderful or as funny as its predecessor, it gets meaner and louder sure, but whereas the first felt like a pretty simple film, this one makes the mistake of trying to have more weight to it, that all being said I'd still say it's a pretty good comedy overall. The amount of laughs here are enough to keep you entertain for the next two hours, but whereas the first film was very quotable this one just isn't.

A couple of things kept coming to mind as this played out, one is that this would probably work out better if they just decided to make it a show, the other is that this plays off a bit like a story that would be right at home with Marvel's Howard The Duck. As a show this could've been good for a mini story arc, plus it could've avoided the third act repeat of the first film (more on that later) allowing for a better climax. If this plot were used as the basis for a Howard The Duck movie I'd say it probably would've worked out better given Marvel's track record; granted I'd believe it'd be better solely on the basis that I love Howard The Duck. Given that my thoughts were mostly on this possibly being better as different projects should make it clear that I do like this overall, I just wish it could've lived up to the potential.

Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane make a great duo, that much was obvious from the first movie but here it just furthers my desire for a regular series of shorts with the two ranting about things. A lack of Mila Kunis leads to Amanda Seyfried Joining the cast, she's funny, but she never feels quite right as a love interest. Jessica Barth returns as Tami-Lynn she's fine, in fact her role is expanded but sadly we're never given enough to root for her relationship with Ted to succeed, it isn't that there's no love to be found, she just doesn't play off him enough times. Also returning to the film is Giovanni Ribisi, he doesn't work out this time, the addition feels forced in for yet another chase climax; though honestly I'm figuring Seth kept him in just so that he could do his dance which seems to be Ribisi's staple to McFarlane's films. Much like the first film we also get a pretty big list of cameos and minor roles throughout the film, they mostly work except for Morgan Freeman as a lawyer towards the end who just seems to be on hand because he's respectable enough to be believable as a great lawyer.

I REALLY did not like this film's third act, there are funny jokes but overall it feels forced in. Ribisi appears again as Donny despite there being no reason for him to appear, it's as if the studio had no confidence in this film not having a villain who tries to kill Ted. Donny doesn't interact with the characters until over an hour into the film, which even leads to a character stating it's "deja vu" making it all the more obvious that he wasn't meant for the film, at least not at first. What makes the climax chase even worse this time is how small it ends up feeling, I'm not saying a bigger chase would've worked, but the film never even attempts to make it bigger, so why even repeat it if there's no attempt to make it better.

Thankfully the laughs come in big enough numbers to keep the film fresh, a clunky third act as well as its well meaning but misfired heart are just not enough to hurt this from being a fun time. Ted 2 isn't a great movie, but it's a satisfactory sequel for the fans; who honestly are the only ones I can recommend this film to.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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