Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Welcome back to Random Netflix Views, where yours truly watches a random film on Netflix that I've never seen before, this time I saw the 2014 spoof of Rom-Coms, They Came Together.

Initial Thought - I haven't seen a lot of the spoof films from recent years, largely due to many being dead on arrival these days, but I've heard some nice things regarding They Came Together which is rare for these movies. I also saw the trailer, which didn't convince me this would be fun, it just didn't seem too funny, but obviously I ended up watching this, with the lowest of expectations.

How I Stumbled Into It- When I pulled this title out of a random list I made, I originally was going to try again, largely due to wanting to tackle something that hasn't been seen by many people, but eventually went for it. I made the choice to stick with this after coming to the conclusion that it hasn't been seen by many, it was a limited release after all, so it was a simple decision to make.

Thoughts After Watching- I came too... okay not seriously, nor did I want to, but it won me over, despite some flaws I found this to be a pretty funny spoof, easily the funniest I've seen since Walk Hard, which feels like forever ago. Unlike another film I recently talked about, They Came Together features good, yet silly performances, largely due to the actors playing their roles straight, no hint of irony, nor is there a hint of the actors wanting to force a bad performance, it even gets charming at times, which makes the humor work all the more effectively. The humor often nails the tropes in romantic-comedies perfectly, while staying within the genre it sets out to spoof, something that's incredibly rare with modern spoof films, great for this film, sad for the spoof genre in general. Of course no film is perfect, this film's weakness mainly comes from its choice of having a running gag where the characters go meta and acknowledge the cheesy romance tropes, sometimes it's done well, at other times it feels awkward. Despite a flaw, or unfunny line, the film always managed to get back to top form with a funny line or sequence.

Final Verdict-  They Came Together is a sincere, funny spoof, not every joke lands, but enough do. I don't know how many people have heard of this film, but it certainly deserves attention from spoof fans, especially if you hate the ones from recent years, I'm glad I saw it and I hope you see it.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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