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Synopsis- Over two decades since the original, the park is finally open, it's become a perfect family resort... until the park decides that the park needs to up the "wow factor" by unveiling their first original hybrid, the Indominus Rex. A beast smart and deadly enough to cause mayhem around the park, reigniting the fears of the first park.

No one really ever argues over the first movie, Jurassic Park is just a masterpiece, but with the sequels we find more of a divide, crap seems to loom larger over all other opinions, but there are plenty who believe the sequels are at least decent to some degree. In the past, my opinion has always been that the Jurassic sequels could never be good, well, Jurassic World has proven me wrong, while it certainly has a divided audience like the last two sequels, I can safely say I had fun this time around. Jurassic World, at least to me, feels like the first proper sequel in the franchise, it feels like a good step forward to go from the original, sure that park was a mess, but like most things you just have to keep trying to get it to work, in fact at the start of this one, the park has worked, it's safe, but much like the first one something ruins the safety in it, this time around it's corporations and investors nudging for the scientists to create something extreme that ruins it. I have to admit, I like the fact that this time around it's the marketing teams who cause the problem, dinosaurs are creatures, so over time you'd be able to learn how to handle them, but marketing teams suggesting a "badass" creature? Yeah, bound to create an issue when you've realized it's too menacing to handle like a normal animal.

Bryce Dallas Howard leads this film (yes Pratt is the first one you'll think about, but realistically. Bryce is our lead) and she gives a fine performance,  I've heard people call it sexist, but I don't see it that way, at least not entirely, while I'll admit that at times the film had a sexist vibe, I still feel her character evolves in the end enough to say she's a pretty strong character, after all if it weren't for her, the heroes might not have succeeded in the final battle. Chris Pratt, well he's Chris Pratt, at this point we've seen enough to know he's one of the most entertaining actors to make it big in recent memory, playing as the coolest guy to come into the franchise since the original, will it surprise anyone that they'll get him for more films in the series? I hope not.Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins appear as Howard's nephews, they do a fine job, but honestly the film feels like it could've just as easily done without them if it were re-written. As for the film's villains we get Vincent D'Onofrio and B.D. Wong (the only actor from the original) who are decent, but a little disappointing on Vincent's end considering he was a fantastic villain earlier in the year.We get a large amount of supporting characters, most are fine, but aside from Jake Johnson as tech guy who loves the original park, non e really stand out much.

As always dinosaurs are cool, sure this time around they're not accurate to modern scientist depictions, but it's acknowledged in the film, after all, these dinosaurs are partially recreated with different genes to tie up loose threads. While this film can't recreate the wonder of the original, the effects are still spectacular, and the way the film showcases the theme park makes me wish I could visit it. In the end the film does end up being more action heavy then prior installments, but it works here, it can't recreate the original's magic, so it can at least be a thrill ride to enjoy.

After the film was over a little girl shouted best movie ever, as plenty of other kids seemed to be equally amazed, which is a good sign, kids might not always get good entertainment, but just seeing how excited something like this can be for them, feels like the filmmaker succeeded to a degree. I personally enjoyed it, not as much as other movies this year, but I'm not judging this film on the standards of better movies, I'm judging it for how fun I felt it was, which is enough for me to recommend it.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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