Monday, June 8, 2015


Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Movie Man, a bunch of guys with "man" in their names,  haven't we gotten tired of it? I ask because it seems like many film critics, actors, or even filmmakers seem to be assuming it's coming, the collapse of the superhero movie, yet people still go to watch superhero films, superhero films aren't even as common as other genre films, and on top of all that, they disregard the good that's come out, in favor of whining that "great" films can't succeed/get made because studios don't demand that, despite being great HAS never guaranteed success/being green-lit. The question or assumption that superhero fatigue is approaching shouldn't be on these peoples minds, what should be on their minds is asking why superheroes continue being popular.

They've been spelling out doom since this...
Most people who make the claim for fatigue act as if the same movie is being made over and over again, acting like a movie about a billionaire turning his weapons to a suit, while understanding the wrong doings of his past is the same as a movie about a Norse God finding love through his punishment, or both of those are the same as the movie about the guy who fights crime because of his tragic childhood. A large amount of romance movies following the same story beats, but they'll never tell you that, many horror films deal with horrid teens or college douches being tortured/murdered, but you won't hear the complaints to stop these, but suddenly, four superhero films in a single year is too much, even when one's a political thriller about a corrupt government, while the other is a sci-fi film about outlaws they're the same, cry me a river.
Westerns should be made, those never got made this much...
Like it or not, most film-goers will take something that looks cool or new, with the latest technology, over a solid story any day, even I don't like it, but I understand and accept it.  Superheroes will be able to provide something cool to look at for decades to come, even if there is a slump at some point, the possibility of seeing what the latest technology can do to make Devil Dinosaur look realistic will be enough to win over kids and even the average audience member back. Speaking of which where's the Transformers think pieces on fatigue? They made four movies already, with sequels and spin-offs in the works, yet that's not a thing, even if the movies are much more similar to each other than Man Of Steel and Spider-Man ever were. Of course much like superhero films, Transformers provide something cool for audiences to look at, but I can't say they'll be able to succeed for as long, largely because none of the films have been as consistently enjoyable as the MCU has been.
To be fair I enjoyed this one
I think that part of the reason superhero movies will continue to succeed comes down to one thing, despite the moaning of so many, critics can't deny there's a great one at least once a year. Unlike the characterizations critics have displayed for superhero films, most people will agree to The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians Of The Galaxy among others are great, transcend their genres and are films people will talk about for years to come. Greatness, looking cool for the average audience, those mix well, in fact, we are given a genre that can please the film fans, as well as regular fans, a genre that kids can latch on to, teens can see their destruction dreams come true, adults can enjoy as their kids get amazed, and finally the elderly can have fun with it as they reminisce their youth in various ways. This genre works for multiple audiences enough to forget how many are made, it's a bonus that they strive to feel different from each other due to how vast the amount of heroes from different backgrounds are.
This show for example, is nothing like The Avengers
Will people get tired of superhero movies? well at some point there's bound to be a slump, but to say that they'll go away? NO, they'll come back, I doubt we'll see years without a single "man" on screen, they've gotten too big, too vast, too diverse to really be entirely affected. Westerns drowned the market for awhile, as great as some were, they weren't as diverse as our comic book heroes are, in fact westerns rarely moved to different genres the way Guardians Of The Galaxy did, which may be why they have become near extinct, yet superheroes already have solutions to those weaknesses, to act like superheroes will reach that level of a drought, is to ignore what they've done. Even if they ever leave us for a year or two, they'll come back, because we'll demand they do.
Even Howard will come back.
Written By Octaviano Macias

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