Thursday, October 11, 2018


It’s a funny turd in the wind.

We all knew this was gonna be dumb right? I mean it’s Venom, a character who’s not known to be anything besides a cool looking monster. Well he got his movie after over a decade of Sony trying and it truly shows they wanted to do this for so long. Venom, the cinematic story that avoids referencing Spider-Man, is the kind of movie that a kid watches to feel “badass” because it’s hero looks like a monster, so yes it’s dumb, but it turns out to be a hilarious dumb film. I don’t think it was trying to be hilarious, but it is, which is why I will fully promote this movie.

Tom Hardy is perhaps the main reason why I recommend watching this, he’s clearly trying, it’s just between his bizarre choice in accent, along with the delivery I can’t help but laugh every time the film does something odd. Not that there isn’t anything funny with the rest of the cast (Michelle Williams delivers the funniest unintentional apology), but Hardy clearly was giving his all in a performance that was just so poorly written, it’s hard to imagine anyone doing justice. I’m sure everyone involved had a good time, I’m sure it looked like it worked on paper, but seeing it all put together, it’s just bad choice on top of bad choice, which luckily leads to some funny material.

If there’s one thing I can praise, unironically I mean, is it’s approach to Venom. I know some will feel offended that this version of Venom calls himself a loser, but it’s a more interesting take than the comic backstory, plus it feels like the writers are aware that the character isn’t as great as a bunch of nostalgic fanboys will claim. The new backstory allows for the character to work without Spider-Man, so props there, even if it still makes an unintentional joke out of the material.

I’m honestly not sure what else I can say, this movie is badly made, the five minute second act definitely suggests that, but I laughed the whole way through. Bad editing, obvious censored violence, oddly delivered dialogue, last minute ADR corrections of the pronunciation of “Symbiote”, this all amounted to a good time. I’d say we shouldn’t encourage this franchise, the sequels and spin-offs will likely not be as entertainingly bad, but it’s already made plenty of money, so yeah, just go enjoy this one while you can, it’s a disastrous riot.

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Written by Octaviano Macias

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