Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Hooba Hooba!
As far as episodes go, this is probably among the weakest of the season, it’s good! It just doesn’t offer much beyond some funny gags and set up. Is it the weakest episode of the show? Well even if it was it’s still solid and I wouldn’t be happier if it were erased from canon, so probably not. It’s just clearly not an episode meant to stand out like some of the other episodes we’ll get to this season.

From the BoJack side of things, we see him on Philbert some more, funny and odd moments around, all fine. The only major plot element going on there is that BoJack learns that his co-star, Gina, is a huge fan of musicals, or rather a musical. It’s a funny enough story, with BoJack in typical fashion trying to be good by helping her out; it ends bad for her, but it’s the thought that counts right? Maybe not, but it’s clear this is all set up for a well-meaning but doomed relationship.

The next plot line is Mr.Peanutbutter’s, as he tries to go on a “not-date” with Pickles, a cute waitress from the previous episode. There’s some funny stuff there, as well as some uncomfortable revelations about some feelings, it’s fine. It’s clearly setting up a more hopeful, yet possibly doomed relationship, keeping in theme with the BoJack story.

Surprisingly, it’s Todd’s story that ends up being the best. Todd meets with Yolanda’s family, who turn out to be sexually active, leading to an obvious predicament for the asexual lovers. It’s a pretty standard rom-com set-up, but the addition of the sex really makes it stand out. My particular favorite gag being Yolanda’s mom, a famed pornstar, wanting to try asexuality. Here’s where our theme comes to a close, with Todd accepting that he and Yolanda should break up, theirs is a doomed relationship, as it’s based less on love and more not wanting to be alone, so they’re together because who else is asexual? It’s a pretty strong moment for an episode that doesn’t stand out as much.

Writing it all down, I can appreciate the theme in the episode, so no, it’s definitely not the worst the show has to offer. It’s funny and offers a strong moment that most shows wouldn’t tackle, which is great as a lot of relationships are built on people settling for someone just because they’re the “same”... at least on TV.  I just also didn’t find it too memorable outside of some solid jokes. Personally, if you need a trilogy of love stories from the show, go back to season two, that season had a much better episode that dealt with love. Thankfully though, this one stands out enough to recommend.

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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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