Wednesday, May 31, 2017


 Diane takes a detour when her father dies, BoJack tags along, the results are disastrous.

Upfront, this is my favorite episode of the season, it's probably the funniest the show has ever gotten for me, plus it's just so relatable.

Anyway, so the episode starts with BoJack and Diane meeting with the head of the publishing company. BoJack secretly reveals he wants to boot Diane from the project, feeling she is too perfect to properly tell his story. Diane breaks the news that her father has died, but shows little care as she explains she only plans to extend her condolences to her family.

As BoJack and Diane arrive to her old home, Diane convinces BoJack to stay in the car with a kaleidoscope, it's a bizarre and funny joke to say the least. Meeting Diane's family, we quickly realize they're morons, sports obsessed morons, leading one to believe she's the black sheep, but then we find out that would be her adopted black sheep brother not her (I laughed hard at that one, feel free to join in).

The kaleidoscope fails eventually, leading to the bulk of the episode, BoJack palling around with Diane's family, a family that apparently doesn't want to admit they're Vietnamese. You'd think the jokes would get stale, but seeing Diane being continuously pushed, despite being the one who seems to give a shit about doing a somewhat proper burial for her father, is just great material. I especially love the resolution of this episode being BoJack acknowledging Diane should give up pleasing her crap family, after all, why impress those who've hurt you, especially when they refuse to grow themselves? Some people are best left behind, the whole "you can't force a horse to drink water" metaphor.

Throughout this, we get a pretty forgettable, yet somehow still funny subplot involving Todd turning BoJack's house into a tourist trap. What's great here is that if you forget the actor that Todd is passing off the house as, don't worry, that's the joke, no one in this seems to know the actor besides the fact that he is an actor, which is a clever joke, even if it feels tagged on here.

Like I said, the shitty family stuff is relatable, not just for me, but most people, making this a real highlight.
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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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