Tuesday, May 30, 2017


 BoJack helps Todd craft a space-opera, while Diane is taught about the "Zoe's and the Zelda's".

Up to this point, Todd has mainly been around to be a distraction, but in this episode we come to realize something that hangs over the rest of the series, what if BoJack is keeping Todd around to feel less awful? It's an interesting idea that starts to develop in this episode, one that eventually takes the show to great directions, but let's talk about this episode.

We start with the introduction of Wayne (I love how he casually announces he's Wayne) an ex of Diane who is making a Buzzfeed article on Mr.Peanutbutter. The episode gets its title from his Zoe or Zelda study, cute, but I'd be lying if I said the stuff with him is kinda forgettable outside a few chuckles. Anyhow one thing leads to another, resulting in Todd showing off his talent by performing his space-opera in front of the main cast. BoJack initially trashes it, but after a conversation with Diane, decides to support Todd.

Eventually, Todd gets his pitch for his play to be so good, he manages to impress a famed producer on board. Todd is proud, as is BoJack, until Todd neglects to rewrite the ending for the investors meeting his producer set up. Rather than write, Todd plays a videogame all night, one that started his downward spiral a few years prior (it contradicts a later episode's origin for him, but it's a nice touch that a character from that episode shows up here, partially anyway) which seems a bit fishy, but enough of that for now.

Wayne, eventually reveals his true intentions for the Buzzfeed article (which turns out to be a sham) to Diane, having a conversation with her that somewhat mirrors Diane's earlier conversation with BoJack. It basically sums up his Zoe and Zelda paradigm, while also calling out something that continues to be reflected upon in the show, even as we near the fourth season, Diane's actions reflect a different person in comparison to what she thinks she is. Meanwhile, BoJack, turns out to be exactly who Diane pegged him to be, at least in this episode.

As the episode closes, we find out Todd's game addiction coming back was no accident. BoJack planted the game and a few actors to trick Todd, among them being character actress Margo Martindale, who continues to show up on the show as a fun guest star.

A fun episode, but perhaps among the weaker episodes if I'm completely honest. I love how the episode sets up future plot points, while addressing past ones (the paparazzi birds appear again, before being ignored by BoJack), all good stuff. On to the next episode.
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Written by Octaviano Macias 

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