Friday, January 30, 2015

Ted 2 Trailer-He's Coming For A Second Time

 The world's most obscene teddy bear is back, but this time he wants a child of all things. Ted is easily one of my favorite comedies in recent years so to see him back on the big screen is a real nice surprise, though I wasn't exactly demanding he come back I'm not against it. Here in Ted 2, we find the lovable bear married and getting ready for a child, resulting in the trailers weakest joke, one lifted from Seth McFarlane's own Family Guy, beyond that it's pure comedy gold. As the trailer goes along we find out the main issue of the film, being that since he is not human he must go to court to prove his right to father a child, thus leading to a whole host of "how will Ted screw the legal system?" jokes that hopefully land more than they miss.

The most noticeable thing for fans is  the disappearance of Mila Kunis, while it is known that she is not back in this movie, this trailer makes no acknowledgement of her. A theory I've had is that  the film will mention she died between films due to some comedic mishap possibly just to have a bit of some really dark humor McFarlane has had in the past, of course the other option is maybe she really is just ignored all the way through. Regardless this looks like a really fun sequel and I'm glad it's not just repeating the originals plot, I'm seriously looking forward to this.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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