Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fantastic Four Trailer-The Failuretastic Fourth Jab At This

Ever seen a trailer that feels like it thinks it's telling a new story but is really just repeating what we've seen already? The kind of movie you just sort of forget about once the trailer is over and then remember it just when it comes out on theaters? Well the marketing geniuses at Fox  gave one of those trailers to the Fantastic Four, the reboot of the much hated 2005 adaptation of the classic Marvel team.

Now, I don't know how this movie will turn out, for all I know the marketing team may just suck at their job, but going by this trailer the movie looks as if it's ashamed to be a superhero movie.Nothing here seems to suggest it's even a "Fantastic Four" movie, in all honesty it just looks like a sci-fi film someone made after watching a lot of Nolan/Nolan inspired films and then attached the name solely on the basis of having four characters gaining strange abilities. Anytime we get a chance to see any of the four do something fantastic in this trailer it seems to be downplayed so much that they might as well not have shown it, it wasn't even until the third viewing of this trailer that I realized Johnny Storm was shown in flames. My expectations have gone down further, when they weren't even high to begin with which is never a good sign.

As for the trailer on it's own merits, I don't even know who  we're following, I get that it's a teaser, but even teasers, especially ones out this late should give us a hint of the characters personalities, I walk away from this with no knowledge of who these characters are, had I not been a fan or at least heard of the four I would just assume it's a bland assortment of teens, good trailers should indicate who we're following at a basic level. All I gather here is yet another trailer with ominous speech made to sound important and nothing else, why are they important?Why should I want to know their struggle? What am I even looking at? Is this unique? I feel this trailer walks away answering nothing, creating questions in hopes that people will think it has something intelligent to say when it doesn't, this trailer just fails.

In the end I don't want to bother watching this, not so that Marvel can get the rights back, but because I'm not convinced it's confident, or competent.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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