Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Minions Trailer-Banana!

2010's Despicable Me featured the adorable cast of Minions stealing the show, resulting in many products and now even their own movie, Minions, a prequel/spinoff to the original film seems to be focused on a trio rather then an army of the little guys.

So far the marketing for this has been really good on making me, as well as others laugh, but for a first time we get this outing's villain/possible antagonist, Scarlet Overkill voiced by Sandra Bullock, there's not enough to really conclude on whether or not she'll be a fun character but her introduction in a villain convention is enough to show she's not just Gru from the original movies. It's entirely possible that Scarlet may be more despicable then the Minions had hoped for going by the trailer's final joke, but I'm honestly hoping she's not just there as a way to build up to how Gru came to own his army of stupid henchmen.

As for the humor, well there's plenty to laugh at. I honestly think the first trailer was the funnier one overall, but I see enough here to be curious, hopefully this one's a great spinoff.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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