Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie-Who Lives In A Pineapple On The Big Screen?

Synopsis- SpongeBob and best friend Patrick are tasked with retrieving the lost crown of King Neptune when Krusty Krab Owner, Mr.Krabs, is framed for the theft of it.As they venture forth trouble arises in their small town of Bikini Bottom, rival restaurant owner, Plankton, takes advantage of the situation taking control of the Krabby Patty formula and the citizens of Bikini Bottom.SpongeBob must save the day the only way he knows how to, by being a kid at heart.

This week a new SpongeBob film is hitting the big screen, certainly a big deal for the small fans of today,likewise over a decade ago people in my age range had their own SpongeBob film to go nuts for in anticipation. While this year's film comes at a time where 2D mainstream films is pretty much dead, the original came around just when it was slowly coming to its end on the big screen. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie may be over a decade old, but its charm is still felt today.

Featuring the voicecast beloved by its fans like Tom Kenny,Bill Fagerbakke,Clancy Brown,Mr.Lawrence and Rodger Bumpass among others doing a fine job as ever. Of course like most big screen transitions some celebrity voices are brought along the way, Jeffrey Tambor as King Neptune, Scarlett Johansson as daughter Mindy and Alec Baldwin as the hired hitman Dennis, who is the most fun of the celebrity voices. David Hasselhoff also makes a cameo appearance as himself in what is easily one of the best celebrity cameos I've ever witnessed, making for one of the most insane climaxes in an animated film.

As with every movie based on a cartoon show the animation is improved for the big screen transition, and while it's not quite Disney level animation its got a nice look and feel to it. Despite the concern of the recent feature having live action sequences, this first outing features a few as well, though the characters retain their 2D appearances, making for some of the cheesiest bits within the film,which to be fair is keeping in tone with the absurdity of the film. A lot of what works animation wise hinges on the silliness, the reactions and visuals just would not have work the same if it was done in that beautiful Disney style, this is how style works, the most beautiful thing won't always be the right one.

As a feature the plot can feel a bit thin at times, but the laughs are what keeps it going, not all films require deep, complex plots to work, sometimes a simple plot, mostly there to set up absurdly funny sequences works just as well, after all if you're being entertained and that was the goal then there shouldn't be reason to complain. Its ambition isn't high but it never needs to be, the people involved understood how to make everyone smile and giggle the whole way through without feeling like the normally 11 minute adventures of SpongeBob and friends had overstayed its welcome.The writing shows the creative team on their A-game and it's got enough to please even non-fans of the series, give it a watch even if you're not planning to watch the new movie, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is one of the more pleasant big screen adaptations of a cartoon show.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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