Friday, August 21, 2015


I keep forgetting we had another one coming out.

I don't really care much for Ride Along 2, much like the original I grin a little throughout the footage, but never enough to be invested to watch the movie. I would like to say though, I'm completely okay with a sequel, the first was a huge hit and was proof (in a long line of proofs) that movies not focused on a predominately white cast can succeed, so sure give it another movie, maybe one day Hollywood won't just rely on a white cast for hits.

Taking a step back from the positives on race here, yeah I'm not sure what's the point this time, oh sure I get an idea of the plot, but why this needs to happen for Kevin Hart is beyond me. The first movie made it clear that Hart goes along with Ice Cube as a way to prove his worth in proposing to Ice Cube's sister, this time the marriage is happening, but there seems to be no reason for Hart to go on a dangerous mission. I guess the movie may have a reason, but it wouldn't surprise me if Hart is along for the mission just cause, despite how obvious he's so inept at this.

Newcomers on the team this time are Ken Jeong and Olivia Munn who seem to just be variations on Hart and Cube's characters given how inept Ken seems to be and how serious Munn is.

We get a bunch of useless sequels to fill dates every year, if not that than useless movies, I honestly don't see harm in this one, just sadness that most studios are still leaving a majority of the films focused on minority actors to be the filler films. Ride Along 2 is out early next year,

Written By Octaviano Macias

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