Monday, August 10, 2015


Synopsis-When Betty's rivalry with Veronica brings Predator (NO, seriously) to Riverdale, it's up to the two frenemies to set aside their differences to defeat the infamous alien.

Archie has been in multiple strange and absurd crossovers, but this may be the strangest one yet; even The Punisher feels more normal for a choice after reading this. I love me some gruesome dark humor, Archie vs. Predator was just right as far as I'm concerned in that department, filling my need to witness something bloody and insane this week. While the tone may be all over the place (Archie and the gang remain as wholesome as ever while Predator... is not), the comic succeeds in the humor and horror because it's all taken seriously, there's not a hint of irony despite how silly it ought to all be. As a comic with four issues this paces itself perfectly, we get our set-up in the first issue, while the second has the characters witnessing the Predator (killing off various characters including a certain witch), the third has the remaining teens hiding, while the final brings a fun, almost demented resolution for the heroines. I read this all in a single afternoon, loving each page, this is easily one of my favorite crossovers in comics.

The art here is wonderful, while it's mostly done in the art style fans are familiar with the character, there's no denying that the gruesome images found within are even more hilarious mixed with the art. I found myself laughing hysterically all throughout; when we first witness a kill in issue 2 the image is shocking, but a bit of humor is injected as we see Jughead continuing to eat a cake despite seeing someone get their head blown off right in front of him, things like that make the art style and tone all the more entertaining despite how different they are. The biggest surprise for the art though, is just how epic it all can look, the gore, the deaths, the action, even the Predator,  all look fantastic, when something totally different then what the comics tend to offer occurs, the art somehow manages to be perfectly suited for it.

While not everyone is a fan of Archie, I don't think you have to be to enjoy this, sure I know who Archie and his gang are, but beyond that I'm not really a fan, I've liked a few things here and there but that's it. I recommend this to anyone who wants some morbid humor, I recommend this to anyone who at the very least have knowledge of the two franchises fan or not, this is an incredibly well done piece of silly work. I loved it, you'll surely enjoy it, Archie vs. Predator is one of my favorite comics in recent memory.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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