Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Hey guess what? I’ve been doing voicework on a friend’s animated series, here’s the episodes!

Yep, as you can see it’s a LEGO series, it continues from an older series I had no part in, but I’m glad to join as one of the core cast members. Arnel Regis, the mind behind this, is a longtime friend and a life long LEGO animator, seriously check out his other stuff.

Episode 2 is one of my favorites, it’s cute and silly and completes the trio of the show, it’s also the last time we hear my character, Daniel, have the mechanical voice. The reason behind this was poor audio on my end.... also cause it was weird, at least I think.

This is probably my favorite episode thus far, it’s a funny concept, I liked having someone help guide my voice and overall it makes Daniel and Lily feel more like characters. Dropping the modified voice was a good choice, even if personally I think it was cool for some bits. Overall I liked my performance here and I love the potential of seeing Daniel and Lily become more than just the hired help around the store.

If I’m to be completely honest, this is by far my least favorite episode, it’s not bad mind you, but I feel like I give my worst performance here, I’m not sure if losing the help in guiding my voice is the cause, or perhaps I need to work better on my mic work, I just know I don’t feel like I did the best job in this one. Still I love the idea of the cast looking for a supplier, as well as the bad movie stuff at the con (was that aimed at my tastes Arnel?) and I’m still happy to hear myself here.

And now our most recent episode, I liked my performance here better but I definitely need to improve on my mic work. This episode delves a little more into the previous show, but it still makes sense if you’re new to Arnel’s work.  I recorded a swear you won’t hear in this, but that’s okay, I get why the family friendly take was kept.

So there you have it, I’m a cast member of a LEGO web show. Personally my hopes for the show in the future is for it to gain as much momentum as possible, I’d love for it to succeed and become a staple for a lot of people’s YouTube watchlist, or whatever you call it. Other hopes include more recording sessions with the cast present, to bounce off each other’s vocals much better; as well as possibly helping with the animation so they can come faster, improve in quality and maybe even add in story ideas so that it continues to be fresh for everyone.

In any case check out Arnel’s other work, you’ll see why he deserves success.

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