Monday, April 18, 2016


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I planned for an earlier release on this, but things being the way they are, this unfortunately was delayed. Unlike the first comic, I ended up having to draw this one, which is a mix bag, on the one hand my skills are not all that good, but on the other, I get to give this a bit of a muddy look to it to make it feel like it's a bit old and unrestored, I'm not sure if people will like that, but I hope they do.

Anyhow, I am looking for artists to speed these up (Patreon support would certainly help on that front), but until then I'll be doing them myself, with the help (occasionally anyway) from my previous artist. This comic stars Mjolnir with his pet "dog" C.T. I'm sure many of you screwed by taxes will like it. Comment below, share, and feel free to let me know how you feel.

(Here's the single panels in case the full thing is harder to see.)

Written & Illustrated By Octaviano Macias

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