Friday, November 25, 2011

Cars 2-Is The Infamous Rotten Pixar Film Truly Awful?

Synopsis-Mater just wants some time with his extremely busy best friend Lightning McQueen, he's a true friend through and through, but that works against Lightning when Mater starts an argument with another racecar, leading the two to go around the world with Lightning being in a race that will take place in Tow-kyo (you read that right), Porto Corsa, and London; all might seem safe, that is until Mater gets involved in a conspiracy involving the race.

Every studio, even Pixar, has a horrid product somewhere down the line, most suggest that their 2011 outing, Cars 2, was that horrid feature for Pixar. While this may be the common consensus, I honestly feel different on this, Cars 2 is a good film, not perfect, but also not the abomination people say it is, in fact as far as "worst" films from studios go, this is a masterpiece.

The film opens with a wonderful score provided by Michael Giacchino, who once again proves he is the best composer for Pixar. It meshes so well with the film it almost feels like the movie was made for the music rather than the other way around. Easily one of the finest among the Pixar films, the music really does give the classic espionage feeling that the film wants to invoke, while still retaining the more country like feel whenever the film is away from it's spy plot, Giacchino really impresses with his skill here.

As far as animation goes, what is on display here is great and better than most animated films to this date. Any and everything that can reflect does, which is really impressive, even if you don't always look for that, the attention to detail is top notch work.  The scenery here is great as well, the roads look like real roads, and it's always fun to see settings changed to look more like a vehicle. Most importantly for a film like this is whether or not the action is well done, it is, the chase scenes are interestingly meshed with fights (being cars how could they not?) resulting in some really entertaining to watch sequences with spy car Finn McMissile, but of course the racing itself just creates a sense of awe, despite myself not really being a fan of Nascar or other racing competitions.

Larry the Cable Guy takes lead this time as Mater, the innocent though simpleminded tow truck, It's hard to imagine another voicing the lovable character, so it's hard to hate him, if one is open minded and can put aside their hate for the comedian it's pretty easy to enjoy him here. Owen Wilson star of the original returns as Lightning McQueen, he does a fine job and provides a lot of what will keep the plot moving, though I just wish he could be a better character, coming off a bit bland at times. Finn McMissile steals the show; it's almost like watching James Bond mixed with the Batmobile brought to life, voiced by film spy veteran Michael Caine brilliantly. The films main antagonist, Professor Zundapp is awesome, it's almost like they ripped a Bond villain and made him into a tiny but menacing car, voiced by Thomas Kretschmann greatly, almost every line and scene with this character makes one wonder how this film still passed with a G rating. The rest of the supporting cast from Radiator Springs  returns, except for Doc Hudson who was voiced by the Legendary Paul Newman, who's honored in this film.  The rest of the supporting cast works, and there is a lot of fun to be had with John Turturro as Francesco Bernoulli, a self obsessed Italian racer and Bruce Campbell's cameo as an American spy is well appreciated among others.

Cars 2 may not be emotional, but thats not the point, so sit back with a fun action spy family film in mind and you'll  enjoy.

Review by Octaviano Macias

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