Thursday, June 7, 2018


No for real I’m doing this.

Is Howard the Duck a loser? Yes, that’s really not that hard to figure out, that’s the point, Howard isn’t a strong hero, he’s not the kindest soul, not the most intelligent hero, in fact he’s not really a hero; Howard is just a guy, er, duck. It’s the whole point, Howard is an average being who just happens to be a duck, which in a universe where looking weird makes you a hero, it makes Howard a hero. No powers, no urge to save anyone half the time and a personality that leaves a lot to be desired, Howard is my favorite Marvel character because he’s just an average joe/duck, more so than any other character, Howard, is what an actual person being given the responsibility of a hero is like, which is why I think it’s time to give him his own full-length movie... again.

There is honestly a ton of potential to a Howard movie, he’s weird but the material practically writes itself, a loser thrust in a universe of constant danger, forced to be the hero, that sounds like a funny movie for the MCU right? Going beyond the comedy aspect, there’s also potential for some good messages in a Howard the Duck movie, no seriously. The original Howard the Duck comic run had some existential themes thrown in, making it more than just a silly animal comic you’d expect, which made sense given the material. Howard, is in personality your average jerk, but in a universe where he doesn’t look average, Howard is now something special and playing with that could lead to some deep moments for the MCU about what it means to be someone great. Given all the movies so far have been about what makes the main character special/important, Howard’s otherwise normal attributes being forced to be a part of something greater would be far too fun to pass up,

Then there’s the political aspect of Howard, which would be an interesting addition to the MCU. Don’t get me wrong, Marvel Studios has successfully tackled real-world issues before (Winter Soldier) but a Howard film could go farther, whether it’s the “Howard for president” story (which would be a fun movie) or just about Howard’s right to exist (an actual comic story, that sounds meta when I say it like that), part of the appeal to Howard is that they can tackle these issues. I know most people associate the mutants with racism in Marvel’s comics, but given Howard the Duck is quite literally a creature of a different species and an immigrant of a different universe, it only feels right to let Marvel make some race allusions using him. These days we have the president of America and his asinine followers calling immigrants, animals, as well as treating immigrants like trash, so if Marvel decided to take Howard in that direction, (an immigrant who is an animal) fighting for his right to live, giving a big “F**k you” to bigots, I am all for that.

So... yeah, Marvel, Kevin Feige, give Howard the Duck a movie (again), he deserves it, as does the world. If anything I’m more than willing to write a movie for him, I don’t care if I’m the only demanding it, I’ll make it happen. Please? As Howard’s number 1 fan I beg you...

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 Written by Octaviano Macias

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