Wednesday, March 6, 2013

THE CAVE-It's A Bar Joke Waiting To Happen

Synopsis- A mysterious cave presents itself to the some of the most selfish people around, solutions to their own issues can be found within. As the player you must solve the puzzles ahead of them, but the solutions aren't always the kindest.

It's very rare to find a game with this level of dark humor,  The Cave features seven (actually eight) characters going down the lively Cave.As far as dialogue goes this game exceeds, Double Fine (Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, among other classics) creates incredibly hilarious, dark humor, while holding interest for the players on what will be heard next. The lead characters themselves (a Monk, an Adventurer, a Hillbilly, a Scientist, Twins, a Knight, and a Time Traveler) never talk, but the characters they interact with do, most importantly though, The Cave talks to you (yes even the Cave talks, this is where the game is most hilarious) in form of narration, providing a majority of the dialogue, and it's quite possibly some of the funniest writing in videogame history. Always full of wisdom, yet with a touch of humor that creates for some really enjoyable lighthearted moments, despite some really dark visuals.

This is a relatively short game, but people new to puzzle games may take a bit longer to finish, even putting that aside, one must venture the cave at least three times (five technically but that's if you can figure out one of the game's secrets) to get the full story, since one can only choose three characters at a time. Speaking of story, the game presents it in a creative way, each of the characters have cave paintings within, by looking at each painting the story is revealed through stills of the characters, creating for some humor and mystery to the eventual decision the characters must make that got them in the Cave to begin with.

The main drawback here is that beyond the character specific locations, nothing really is ever different in the locations, it would've been nice to have added different non character specific locations for each play through to make it less of a chore to get through them. One other downside to this is that some characters are pretty useless beyond their location, it would've been nice if each could've provided their own shortcuts, but it just doesn't happen with each, making some like the Hillbilly near useless in the grand scheme of things.Overall, this game is still worth buying, its only a few dollars to download so if you have some time delve within, The Cave.

Written By Octaviano Macias

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